We train Super Navigators

We train Super Navigators
We train Super Navigators

In the modern workplace we work until all tasks are accomplished – and yet they never are! Are you hit by a tsunami of tasks? Who sets the course in your life? Learn to navigate through times of pressure.

Globalisation and technological developments have transformed our working life from 9 to 5 to working 24/7. Organisations experience overwhelmed employees who can’t cope with the pressure and information overload. How can we learn to cope with the pressure? How can we navigate our lives in the knowledge society? And how can we create sustainable workplaces?

From visible to invisible work

We find ourselves in a time of transition between the industrial age and knowledge society. Today, 80 percent of a company’s value is immaterial (S&P 500). Our work has transformed from being visible to become invisible in the process. It is human beings, not the machines, creating the value in the companies. In 1919 the social partners created the 8-8-8 model: 8 hours of work – 8 hours of spare time – 8 hours of sleep. This model is designed for one family structure, one work method and one biological rhythm. The collective design worked well in the industrial labor market, but 8-8-8 does not match knowledge society and its many family dynamics, work methods and biological rhythms. Therefore we must design work times and work spaces that suit each individual; from collective work design to individual life design.

The Life Navigation program

Life Navigation transforms corporate culture by empowering employees to take control of their work and personal lives. It's a 5-step program (3 hours per training session - up to 15 participants per course) and it gives you four concrete tools about time, goals, energy and spaces – each of which can provide a significant boost to your productivity and life quality:

Session 1: The Timekeeper – control your time
Session 2: The Pilot – set direction in your life
Session 3: The Conductor – discover your biological rhythm
Session 4: The Space Creator – chooses the right surroundings
Session 5: The Super Navigator - to live is to navigate

Life Navigation is creating a new flexible work culture in your organisation. In the boxes to the left you will find more information about the Life Navigation program. You are also welcome to call Camilla Kring directly: +45 28938973 or send an email to ck@supernavigators.com if you are interested in a meeting or to receive a free package of information about the program.