Hi. I'm Camilla Kring and I'm the founder of Super Navigators ApS. I have a M.Sc. in Engineering in technical physics and change management, and a Ph.D. in Work-Life Balance from Technical University of Denmark.

I'm specialised in helping companies to become Great Places to Work. Since 2005 I have been working with companies in 10 countries and my customers are among the World's Best Workplaces (Great Place to Work competition). 

I'm the author of Livsnavigatøren (Børsens Forlag, 2006), Supernavigatør (Gyldendal Business, 2011) and Jeg er B-menneske (Gyldendal, 2015). 

You are welcome to read my book about Life Navigation, listen to a podcast and enjoy my Life Navigaton app.

I'm the founder of the B-Society. Societies prize early risers, but most of us are late risers (B-persons). The mission of the B-Society is to increase the quality of life and productivity of B-persons by creating later starting times in schools and workplaces. Enjoy my TEDx talk.