Hi. I'm Camilla Kring and I'm the founder of Super Navigators ApS. I have a M.Sc. in Engineering in technical physics and change management, and a PhD in work-life balance.

Since 2005 I have made companies more attractive by increasing the Work-Life Balance satisfaction of their employees.

I have developed a toolbox to improve your Work-Life Balance. I call it Life Navigation. Life Navigation is four concrete tools about time, goals, energy and spaces – each of which can provide a significant boost to your productivity and life quality. The Life Navigation concept is based on my PhD (2002-2005), and it has been implemented in large corporations in ten countries with great results. Read my book about Life Navigation, listen to a podcast and enjoy my Life Navigaton app.

I don't like mornings. Society and workplaces primarily support morning persons (A-persons). My life mission is to contribute to the creation of more flexible societies that also support the B-persons (late risers). Therefore I founded the B-Society. Enjoy my TEDx talk about How to become a succesfull late riser.